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20 Fellowships for the course in cancer metabolism (November 29-30, 2018, Bertinoro, Italy)

November 29-30, 2018, Bertinoro, Italy

The TRANSMIT Project introduces:
Course in Cancer Metabolism November 29-30, 2018 Bertinoro (Italy)

The partnership of the ITN Marie Curie project Translating the role of mitochondria in tumorigenesis (TRANSMIT) organises a course in Cancer Metabolism, that will deliver the most up-to-date discoveries in the field of metabolic plasticity, adaptation, bioenergetics remodeling and so forth, bringing young researchers in contact with eminent international scientists in the field. To this aim, the consortium will offer 20 fellowships to as many external young researchers working in the field coming from all over the world. Participants will be selected exclusively on the basis of their curriculum and letters of references, by a TRANSMIT internal Board.


Pubblicato il 26 luglio 2018